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Every color service with us begins with a thorough consultation. Once application and processing are complete they are then followed by a relaxing shampoo with our high quality eco-friendly products and finished with a silky smooth blowout.

Color  Services

Flat lay composition with strand of hair
Trendy hairstyle concept. Colorful dyed
Single Process Color $71+

Permanent , demi, or semi-permanent hair color applied to the new-growth root area.


Full Color $91+
All over color application.

Highlight Refresher $60+

"Glaze/Toner" Refreshes and brightens existing highlights. Neutralizes, balances, and adds shine.

Shadow Root - Base Softener $25+

"Root Smudge/Base Bump" creates depth, blends, or adds softness at the base.

Vivids - Pastels $

Consultation required for pricing 


Anything from a soft pop of color or something bold and dramatic

Balayage $150+

A French coloring technique of "free-hand" painting creates a seamlessly blended and effortlessly natural look.

Ombr'e - Color Melt $170+

A coloring technique that creates contrast giving a look of dark color "melting" into lighter ends.

Platinum Card $200+

Consultation required for pricing


A meticulous decolorizing technique of placing every hair on the entire head in foils. Typically used in a customized plan to color correct, go from dark to light, create a palate for vivid/pastels, or embrace natural gray. Includes the Ultimate Repair System.

Beauty in Glam Makeup
beautiful woman wearing colorful wig and
Close-up portrait of a fashion blonde wi
Make-up and cosmetics. Beautiful model g
Accent Foil $65+

1/4 head/Hairline

Framing Foil $90+

1/2 head /Hairline and part

Partial Foil $115+
3/4 of head covered

Full Foil $140+

Whole head covered


Consultation required for pricing $

This service usually entails the process of color removal, correcting and or adding color which may require either several processes and visits to achieve optimal results while maintaining the integrity of the hair.


This is a very delicate process that requires more time, attention, and maintenance which may lead to several process to ensure the integrity of the hair is in tact while achieving those icy cool tones. Includes the Ultimate Repair System.

All Over Platinum 

Consultation Required For Pricing $

Bleach Touch Up 

New-growth application on overgrown already platinum hair.

*Prices subject to change based on service provider, hair length, thickness, density, extra bowls, additional colors, time, etc. 

*Highlighting services include one toner color. 

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