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Edgebrook Parlor is a unique upscale eco-hair salon +

self-care boutique. 

As talented artists we cater to every spectrum of client from modern to classic styles.

Education is our foundation and we thrive on growing. We believe through self-growth and attending continual trainings,  our talented team can focus on mastering our craft. This allows us to maintain our high standards by creating exceptional work, staying current on the latest trends, and recommending quality products to fit each clients needs and lifestyle. 

We like being “green”! We feel it is our responsibility to ourselves and the planet to contribute and provide a clean, safe and healthy environment and workspace for everyone. This is why we choose to use products that are in-line with our standards and beliefs without the sacrifice of performance. 

...This is also why we are proud to have partnered with Green Circle Salons, a program which aides us in eliminating our carbon footprint on the planet and of each guest’s by recycling things once considered waste to almost zero! (Such as: hair clippings, foils, left over liquid chemicals, color tubes, paper, plastics, etc.)


And most importantly, our sacred core values; 

creativity, integrity, self-growth, and gratitude. This is what drives our business and the commitment we have to our clients and community.

"Through our actions and product choices we commit to support a healthier lifestyle and sustainable earth."


self-care | beauty | lifestyle
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